Five interpretations!

Alternate Interpretations of J. S. Bach’s music!

For those of you (like me) who adore the music of Bach, here’s what you might like: How do different artists perform the same work?

Certainly this is a matter of personal taste, and I thought you may enjoy to compare how several well-known pianist approach Bach’s masterpieces. Click below to hear Sviatoslav Richter, Glenn Gould, Angela Hewitt, and others explore the Prelude and Fugue number 17, in A-flat Major, from the Well – Tempered Clavier Book 1 of Johann Sebastian Bach:

Pay particular attention to the Fugue, and see if you can hear the recurring theme of La-mi-do-la-fa-re-me…

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First, here’s Sviatoslav Richter:




Now compare that with Friedrich Gulda:



And here is Angela Hewitt:



What do you think about Joanna MacGregor:



And last, let hear what Glenn Gould does with this music:


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