Isabelle Faust!

Isabelle Faust!

More and more talented young violinists and other instrumentalists come forward to the public all the time. Is that not great??!!

There are 15 tracks on this CD, released on May, 11, 2010, and comprised of the following compositions for Solo Violin by Johann Sebastian Bach :

• Partita II BWV 1004 in D minor

• Sonata III BWV 1005 in C major

• Partita III BWV 1006 in E major

The performing artist is Isabelle Faust, who, in 1993, became the first German violinist to take First Prize at the Paganini Competition in Genoa. Earlier, as a youngster, she began playing violin when her father started taking lessons, and ultimately the entire family performed string quartets for the fun and enjoyment of it.

Ms. Faust has a unique way of presenting Bach: Her tempi are somewhat faster than the way violinists of past times performed the same music. The bowing is occasionally very short spicatto-like strokes, rather than the traditional Detache. Much of the old Bach dance melodies are performed with the emphasis of dance-like rhythms. I am really intrigued with her playing and with her creative presentation, wonderful phrasing and musical feeling.

See what *you* think by listening to her play below. Feel free to comment at the space for comments at the bottom of this Post. (Thanks)



Here is Isabelle Faust, working to record the Beethoven sonatas for piano and violin:


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