Kathleen Battle!

More from Kathleen Battle!

I heard her sing Handel this morning, and I miss her singing in live opera and concert venues… What a marvelous voice! This is one singer whose voice I could recognize with my eyes closed! I can say that for only a few singers. Ms. Battle has a bell-like tone; Amazing musical interpretation, and a way of delicately sliding to higher notes that is her own unique and very musical style. Listen to the two selections below, and marvel at her phrasing, the perfect intonation, the wonderful sound quality, and the great drama achieved by her interpretations!

Time passes… and we just don’t hear much more from her. But recordings and videos are available, so here are two for your enjoyment:

In this first video, Kathleen Battle sings Handel and more…



And: Here is Kathleen Battle in Frühlingsstimmen – Voices of Spring – by Johann Strauss, as conducted by Herbert von Karajan at the Musikvereinssahl in Vienna:


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