Life of Mozart!

Mozart’s life!

For many of you, the details of the life of Mozart are likely tied up in the movie “Amadeus”. While this was a great show, there were also some liberties taken, as far as accuracies with facts are concerned. Now you have an opportunity to watch a fine new study of the life of this musical genius via this DVD.

IN SEARCH OF MOZART is the first feature-length documentary on Mozart’s life. Produced with the world’s leading orchestras and musicians, told through a 25,000 mile journey along every route Mozart followed, this story takes us to the heart of his genius.

In Search of Mozart traces the composer’s life through his music and his extensive correspondence. Over 80 works are featured in chronological order, revealing striking parallels between the music and Mozart’s own experiences. Throughout, it is the music that takes our attention, with the rest of Mozart’s life fitting around it.

This is a fine documentary that gives a clear account of Mozart’s genius, and the social and political contexts of the times in which he lived., The narration and the off-screen actors are all excellently done. The film is entertaining and enlightening; it is good for a general audience and for a person who has previously studied Mozart’s life.

Mixing musical performances with authoritative interviews with musicians and historians, the filmmaker explores the life and times of Mozart and brings the viewer into the present and provides, I believe, answers as to why Mozart’s music lives on for us today. This is the best documentary on Mozart yet produced. The musicians and performers are some of the world’s very best. The film is well done and gives a real understanding of Mozart, his life and times. The musical excerpts are exceptional.

Here is an interview with Phil Grabsky, the Director of this film:



And here is the section from Mozart’s Opera Don Giovanni:


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