Placido Domingo!

Domingo sings Ernesto Lacuona!

Great combination: Ernesto Lecuona, composer, and Placido Domingo, Tenor!

Ernesto Lecuona was a virtuoso pianist and a composer of both classical and popular music. He wrote compositions for piano, opera, movie scores, and popular songs. He occasionally incorporated the rhythms of Cuban popular song into his music.

On this CD, Placido Domingo and the Royal Philharmonic Orquestra provide a wonderful introduction to Lecuona’s music. Songs like “Siboney,” and “Malaguena” are standards in the repertoire of opera singers and require great voices to do them justice. The two songs with more pronounced afro-cuban rhythms are “Canto Karabali” and “La comparsa. The songs on this CD are gorgeous, Placido Domingo sings them beautifully, and the accompaniment is wonderful.

This CD includes liner notes and complete lyrics in Spanish, with translations into English, French and German.

Here are the song titles:

1. Siboney for voice & piano (or orchestra)
2. Noche Azul for voice & piano (or orchestra)
3. Andalucía, suite for piano (Suite Española)
4. Por Eso Te Quiero
5. Siempre En Mi Corazon for voice & piano (or orchestra)
6. [Unspecified excerpt]
7. Karabalí (Canto carabalí; Jungle Drums), song for voice & piano (or orc
8. Juventud for voice & piano
9. Malagueña for voice & piano
10. Damisela encantadora, for voice & piano (or orchestra)
11. La Comparsa, for voice & piano (or orchestra)

Below is an enjoyable video with the Berlin Philharmonic performing Ernesto Lecuona’s “La Comparsa” and also “Malaguena”


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