Valeria Nasushinka!

Duos for violin and cello

Performances for just these two instruments are rare; yet if one adds a viola, you have the string trio which is a lot more common, with music going back to Beethoven’s string trios.

In this CD, violinist Valeria Nasushinka and cellist Mikael Samsonov are the two performers of “Duo Eight Strings”. They won prizes at the International Gaetano Zinetti Competition in 2008, the International Marco Fiorindo Chamber Music Competition in 2009 and at the International Cittá di Padova Prize Competition in 2009 as well.

This CD includes both well – known and little – known repertoire for the more unusual combination of violin and cello. Kodaly’s Duet is one of the major standard works for these two instruments, but the duet by Giovanni Ciri is a rarity and is recorded here for the first time. This is an interesting composition, and it offers a broad range of moods and sound effects. The duets by Glière are very charming and effective musical miniatures.

Tracks on this CD are:

  • Duo, Op. 12


  • Duos (8) for violin and cello, Op. 39


  • Passacaglia for Violin & Cello/Viola (after Handel)


  • Duo for Violin and Cello, Op. 7

All performed by “Eight Strings”: Valeria Nasushkina (violin) and Mikael Samsonov (cello)

To learn more about the artists, click HERE

And you can HEAR extracts from this CD HERE:

Here is another performing team (Violin and Viola), doing the Passacaglia of Halvorsen:



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