Illana Z. Parker!

“Hot in Here” by Illana Parker!

Illana is a musician, a singer, an actress, a Mom, and more!

Trained at Stanford University, and constantly working to grow as a musician, she now specializes in doing Cabarets and small group concerts.

Illana’s album “Hot in Here” is great fun and great entertainment!

Some of the tracks on this album are:

1. Hot in Here
2. Sooner or Later
3. Faithless Love
4. Peel Me a Grape
5. Since You Stayed Here
6. Case of You
7. I Can Cook Too
8. Guess Who I Saw Today

Bottom line:

Great voice; great personality; experienced actress; sense of humor; Wonderful singer!

To preview songs, press reviews, and/or purchase this CD, click HERE:

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