Erik Satie

Satie: Complete Piano Works

• Audio CD issued 13 Dec 2010
• Number of Discs: 6

• CD1: Musique a genoux

• CD2: Humour fantaisiste

• CD3: Musique des origins

• CD4: Jeux et divertissements

• CD5: Musique de scène

• CD6: Vexations

Christina Ariagno (piano)

Erik Satie (1866-1925) was one of the amazing men in musical history. He composed around 100 works, which include film scores, ballets, shorter melodies, and above all piano works. A friend of Debussy, Ravel, Cocteau, Picasso and Diaghilev, he was at the core of the avant garde group in Paris.

For Satie, it was the music of the past that was important, and he even returned to the tunes of the ancient Greeks. His well-known works called Gymnopédies evoke the dance of children from ancient Sparta, who danced in honor of Apollo. Similarly, his compositions called Gnossiennes are from the labyrinth at Knossos (Gnossos), also in Greece.
This is a nicely – played complete collection of Satie’s work. In my view, it would need to be interspersed with some other music…

Below are some videos of Satie’s music for your enjoyment:

Here are the Trois Gymnopédies by Satie performed by Christina Ariagno

And here is an orchestral version:

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