Glass Heart!

Music of Philip Glass and more…

On this CD, we hear a recital by Maria Bachmann which features the world premiere recording of Philip Glass’ Sonata for Violin and Piano (2008) which was written for Ms. Bachmann. The recital also includes the Ave Maria by Bach/Gounod, Schubert’s great Sonata in A major, and Ravel’s posthumous Sonate.

The Glass violin sonata is constructed with a romantic structure, yet individual sound elements are unmistakably minimalist. That is, if you listened to a bar of this sonata, you would have no trouble identifying this as one written by Philip Glass. However, the way the music flows and develops from bar to bar places it really in the romantic tradition. I liked this sonata a lot; I hear in it shades of Gabriel Faure, who, I believe, was the teacher of Nadia Boulanger, the French musician who taught Mr. Glass many years ago.

All selections are played beautifully by the violinist Maria Bachmann and the pianist Jon Klibnoff.

Track Listings:
1. Glass Violin Sonata Movement I
2. Glass Violin Sonata Movement II
3. Glass Violin Sonata Movement III
4. Bach/Gounod Ave Maria
5. Schubert Sonata in A – Allegro moderato
6. Schubert Sonata in A – Scherzo
7. Schubert Sonata in A – Andantino
8. Schubert Sonata in A – Allegro Vivace
9. Ravel Sonate opus posthume

Here is an extract of the Glass sonata:



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