Orchestral Auditions!

Symphonic Auditions!!!

As many of you know, any player’s position in an orchestra is filled by holding competitive auditions. The auditions are frequently held behind a screen, to avoid external influences related to the candidate’s sex, race, etc.

There are also, of course, a favorite set of musical selections that are given to applicants, as a way of determining their capability with their respective instrument.

I have three illustrations for you today, and I know you’ll enjoy these:

1. First you’ll see an orchestral Flute solo:

The Berlin Philharmonic performing Brahms’ Symphony No. 4:

(The name of this terrific flutist is Andreas Blau, the principal flute with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra)



(Isn’t that simply outstanding?!!!)

2. Next, here are some challenging sections for any Timpani applicant:

The Berlin Philharmonic performs Brahms’ Symphony No. 1; listen and watch for the timpani solos:



3. Next, let’s explore what an applicant to the Cello section faces, if s/he wants to be a member of this terrific orchestra:

The Berlin Philharmonic performs Brahms’ Symphony No. 2:



4. And sometime, the applicant will be asked to perform a section of a concerto. Here is Radek Baborák performing one of the Mozart Horn concerti, with Daniel Barenboim conducting:



Time to go and practice your instrument, so you can be ready for that audition!

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