Pianist Howard Shelley

Howard Shelley, pianist

Last night I listened carefully to pianist Howard Shelley’s performance of Schumann’s “Kinderszenen” (Scenes from Childhood), and I was both moved and delighted! What a terrific way this performer has with Schumann’s masterpiece! Howard  Shelley achieves a level of depth that is astounding, and yet he keeps the performance tuned to the child-like simplicity that was intended by the composer.

While ‘Kinderszenen’ is probably best known for No. 7, ‘Träumerei,’ wait till you hear how absolutely beautifully Shelley plays it and the rest of this collection! It is the mark of an amazing artist when a piece as simple as this work can sound as lovely and profound as he performs it. Mr. Shelley plays this entire collection in a way that presents the innocent and exciting world of childhood in all its variety, color, humor, and moods.

Also on this CD is Schumann’s ‘Carnaval’: this is an imaginative series of a 21 piano sketches depicting characters at a masked ball. Each brief piece descriptively represents the personality of several of Schumann’s acquaintances. Shelley is quite comfortable and thoughtful with these highly emotional character sketches.

Here is an audio extract of Howard Shelley’s playing:

S. Rachmaninoff – Andante Cantabile in B minor op.16 no.3

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