Barenboim’s concerti

Barenboim performs Beethoven Concerti

It was with some anticipation that I listened to this DVD last night. And… While the overall performance was satisfactory, other factors prevented my full enjoyment.

Acoustics are vital when it comes to music. Yet this performance was held at a venue that seems more suitable for a basketball game. There were a huge number of exposed metal beams and surfaces, and as a result, the balance of the sound was impacted. The trumpet sound was sharply reflected and was way too prominent. Equally disturbing was the loudness and harshness of the Timpani.

These compositions, and especially the slow movements, require the creation of a lush and velvet-like sound. That was close to impossible to do in this hall. It is a puzzle to me why Mr. Barenboim would agree to perform there.

Judge for yourself how you see it, from the videos below:

Here is a video of the Beethoven Piano Concerto 3 op. 37, first movement , Allegro con brio. It is performed by Daniel Barenboim (pianist & conductor) with Staatskapelle Berlin.

Here is the second movement:

And finally, here is the third movement:

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