Grigory Sokolov

Grigory Sokolov

  • Chopin: Preludes / Sonate #2 / Etudes Op. 25

The delicacy, brilliance and passion of Grigory Sokolov’s performances are among the most exciting by any pianist.

On this Chopin recording, Grigory Sokolov plays the 24 Preludes, Op.28, and they come forward as a statement telling a different story, each of them transporting the listener to a new and fabulous world. They are performed in an outstanding manner, polished and totally beautiful.

The second Sonata (B flat minor, op.35) is played beautifully, and the famous “Funeral march” gets the most dramatic reading, the movement’s two main themes being presented with a huge amount of despair, resignation and final serenity.

The second book of Etudes Op.25 are performed with the same sparkling virtuosity and undiminished sense of atmosphere as the other music in this collection. Sokolov’s masterful rendition displays very sensitive qualities, and the mood required of each etude is presented with special care and inspiration.

Here is Grigory Sokolov playing Chopin’s Sonata #2, B-flat minor, Op. 35:

And here is Sokolov performing Chopin’s Etude Op.25 #3:

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