Gidon Kremer

Schubert: Sonatinas for Violin and Piano


  • Sonatina in D major, D384 (Op. posth. 137 No. 1)
  • Sonatina in A minor, D385 (Op. posth. 137 No. 2)
  • Sonatina in G minor, D408 (Op. posth. 137 No. 3)

Performed by Gidon Kremer (violin) & Oleg Maisenberg (piano)

Schubert composed these three charming violin and piano Sonatinas when he was nineteen, and like much of his early work they are affected by the influence of Mozart. When they were published eight years after his death, they were advertised as ‘sonatinas’, doubtless as a lure to the lucrative amateur violinist market.

The three-movement D major Sonatina is quite short; but the more substantial four-movement A minor and G minor sonatas are much more substantial. The graceful and melodious D major Sonatina is also very Mozart-like in its style. The Sonatina in A minor, Schubert’s favorite key for expressions of sadness and pathos, has a more individual flavor, and like the Sonata in G minor, hints at the poignancy and passion of the composer’s maturity.

The soloists on this recording are the well-known violinist Gidon Kremer, and the Russian pianist Oleg Maisenberg. They have been regular recital partners for many years, and give stylish and insightful performances of these works.

This CD will be issued June 28, 2011

Here is Schubert’s Sonata for Violin and Piano “Grand Duo” as performed beautifully by Janine Jansen:

And here is a historic old recording of the same piece, as performed by Sergei Rachmaninoff, piano, and by Fritz Kreisler, violin:

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