Kissin’s concerto

Evgeny Kissin

The year 2010 was the 200th anniversary of Chopin’s birth. And yes… there were a lot of recording available to celebrate this date. Earlier today I heard Evgeny Kissin perform the second movement from the Chopin concerto #2, and it was really moving. Performed with the Warsaw National Philharmonic, this is really a performance to treasure. Actually, I found that it was the space between the notes that was so special. And with Mr. Kissin, there is no doubt that the notes and the dynamics are always there. This time, somehow I became more aware of the silences.

The 2010 concert in memory of Chopin was recorded in Warsaw’s National Philharmonic Hall, surpassed my highest expectations. Evgeny Kissin, as usual very emotional in this performance, performs the Second Concerto with incredible bravura. Antoni Wit conducting the Warsaw Philharmonic treats Chopin’s scores with care, finesse and sensitivity. Theirs is about the most inspired performance of the orchestral parts I have recently heard. There are brilliant encores from the pianists and endless, well-deserved ovations. This is a really fine DVD.

Nicolai Demidenko performs the first Chopin concerto. He is poetic, introspective, and produces a lot of beauty in this lovely piece.

The camera work is excellent, and the sound is likewise about perfect.

Here, from the 2010 performance, is Evgeny Kissin in the Chopin Piano Concerto No.2 Op.21 second movement, Larghetto:

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