Ogawa’s Debussy

Noriko Ogawa, pianist

Pianist Noriko Ogawa has been praised for her performances of Debussy’s piano music with her interpretations of the composer’s sets of Images and of Études singled out as belonging to the finest in the CD libraries.
On this, the fifth and final disc, Noriko Ogawa again offers us wonderful performances of works both well-known and less often heard.

The two Arabesques were among Debussy’s most popular works already during his lifetime, with hundreds of thousands of copies sold before his death. Another success was his Rêverie, which Debussy himself wanted to suppress, but which at one stage even ended up as No. 1 on the US Billboard chart as a swing arrangement.

Less familiar are some of the youthful works, for instance Danse Bohémienne, Debussy’s first piano piece composed at the age of 18. But the two main works on the disc are indisputably the Suites Pour le Piano and Suite Bergamasque, which Debussy completed in his maturity.

Recording Release Date: June 7, 2011


Tracks on this CD are:

Claude Debussy: 2 Arabesques
• No. 1 in E major
• No. 2 in G major
• Danse, “Tarantelle styrienne”
• Ballade
• Valse romantique
• Reverie

Claude Debussy: Suite bergamasque
• Prelude
• Menuet
• Clair de lune
• Passepied

Claude Debussy: Mazurka
• Mazurka

Claude Debussy: Nocturne
• Nocturne

Claude Debussy: Danse bohemienne
• Danse bohemienne

Claude Debussy: Pour le piano
• Prelude
• Sarabande
• Toccata

Here is Noriko OGAWA playing Prokofiev’s Piano Sonata No7, 1st movement:

And here is Noriko OGAWA playing Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No.3 first movement:

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