Schubert by Wosner

Wosner’s Schubert

For his all – Schubert program on this new CD, pianist Shai Wosner has chosen two late sonatas by Franz Schubert, along with a few of Schubert’s lighter, shorter works. The monumental but unfinished two-movement D840 Sonata, and the genial D850 were written at a time in the composer’s life when he was without money, out of love, and involved in difficulties with his publishers.the D 850 is one of Schubert’s happiest works, in strong contrast to the stark and darker  D840.

Shai Wosner’s performance, with its sensitive use of dynamics, wonderful pianissimos, and contrasting fortissimos, certainly projects this Sonata as a major accomplishment in Schubert’s piano compositions.

Here is Shai Wosner performing Schumann’s “Carnaval”



And here is Mr. Wosner performing Beethoven



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