Modern Figaro

Modern Figaro

Some viewers/listeners may be furious about this production, if they feel strongly about preserving Mozart’s original configuration for this world-famous opera. The furious aspects relate to the inclusion of an extra character who adds some very brief comic aspects to what’s unfolding.

For example, later in the opera, when the peasants sing about presenting flowers, no flowers can be seen; just girls in all sorts of colored dresses; creative idea…

As for me, I kind of liked it; it was a stunt, yes. But the music was 100% preserved so I did not mind… and if you like a non-traditional interpretation, you’ll like this DVD a lot.

The production is set in the present time; The opening scene which is supposed to take place in a room in the Count’s castle where Figaro and his bride, Susanna, will reside after their wedding, takes place rather in an unfurnished nondescript space. The singing was great, so while I noticed this aspect, I was willing to hear more…

The cast for Mozart’s “Le Nozze di Figaro” assembled for this recording, and accompanied beautifully by Sylvain Cambreling leading the Paris Opéra orchestra and chorus, is excellent. Best of all is Christine Schäfer as a very boyish Cherubino. She really does look like a teen-age boy, and she sings beautifully. The Figaro of Lorenzo Regazzo is both naturally acted and artfully sung. The Count of Peter Mattei is his equal. Susanna is the always dependable Heidi Grant Murphy, the Countess sung in a creamy soprano by Christiane Oelze.

I was unable to obtain a video of this specific production, so here is another: From a wonderful “Le Nozze di Figaro” conducted by Georg Solti at Paris Opera



And here’s another one: With a fabulous cast : Jose Van Dam (Figaro), Lucia Popp (Susanna), Gundula Janowitz (Contessa Almaviva), Gabriel Bacquier (Almaviva)

Click HERE to see it:


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