Sado’s Takemitsu

Sado’s Takemitsu

With this concert, Yutaka Sado made his Berlin Philharmonic debut; and he is the first Japanese to conduct the renowned orchestra since Seiji Ozawa

Recorded live from the Philharmonie, Berlin, May, 20th 2011; the performance included the following:


  • Symphony No. 5 in D minor, Op. 47


  • From me flows what you call time (for five percussionists and orchestra)

Performed by the Berliner Philharmoniker, conducted by Yutaka Sado

This production is a Charity Concert for the victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster from March 11th 2011.

The profit generated will be donated to a special section of the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS), which was especially founded for earthquake victims, and will therefore be distributed directly among the population affected. Immediate help for the Japanese people in need is thus guaranteed.

Critics have unanimously hailed Yutaka Sado as one of the most charismatic conductors of the new generation. The long-time assistant of Leonard Bernstein and Seiji Ozawa was awarded the most important conductor’s prizes, e.g. the Premier Grand Prix at the 39th International Conducting Competition and the Grand Prix du Concours International L. Bernstein Jerusalem.

The Shostakovich 5th symphony is given a wonderful reading; and the Berlin Philharmonic displays its usual excellence.

The second selection is a composition for four percussionists by the noted Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu. It is called “From me flows what you call time” and it is a fascinating piece, if only to explore the fabulous expertise of the percussionists, playing a variety of instruments.

Here is a video of Yutaka Sado in rehearsal with the Berliner Philharmoniker: Tōru Takemitsu: “From me flows what you call time” and Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5

Yutaka Sado, conductor • Berliner Philharmoniker / Rehearsal recorded at the Berlin Philharmonie, 19 May 2011



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