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Konstantin Lifschitz Plays Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier Books I & II

It is quite amazing that Konstantin Lifschitz performed both books of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier from memory at a concert in a single day. His interpretation brings Bach’s music comes to life in a miraculous way. It is a very intimate reading, filled with Lifschitz’s own unique personality. As such, it has a somewhat romantic character, and it covers a wide range of moods.

Lifschitz presented this music by alternating between Books I and II, i.e., playing the pieces in the order Book I, P/F1; Book II, P/F1 etc. In this way, the listener is constantly reminded of how far Bach’s composition style had advanced in the more than 20 years between the publication of the two books.

I enjoyed Mr. Lifschitz’s energy, and the virtuosity and clarity of his playing. He uses this power together with a rich palette of touch, dynamics, tempi, rubato, and all manner of both legato and staccato techniques to clarify and characterize each prelude and fugue as a uniquely individual composition.

Here is a video of Konstantin Lifschitz playing Bach’s BWV 846



And now this is Mr. Lifschitz performing Bach’s Preludes and Fugues in C#Major



For a change of pace, here he is, playing the J. BRAHMS INTERMEZZO Op. 118 No.2 in A Major



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