Gémeaux Quartet

Gémeaux Quartet

  • Haydn, String Quartet Op. 20 number 3

Joseph Haydn made huge contributions to the string quartet literature. By the standards of the 1700’s he lived to a very old age, had an amazing sense of humor, and often included this humor in his music. And the large number of quartets that he left us, set a standard on which the succeeding music of Mozart and Beethoven were built.

I am always “on the prowl” for new groups of music makers. I like to listen to and read about young new instrumentalists, orchestra, and chamber music groups. I will be going to a string quartet concert next month, and on the program is Haydn’s quartet Op. 20, number 3. So I searched the Net today, to see if I could locate the group I will hear performing this music. I was unsuccessful in locating the specific group that I will be hearing in February. However… I came across another chamber music group called the….

  • Gémeaux Quartett

The quartet members are:

  • Yu Zhuang, Violine
  • Manuel Oswald, Violine
  • Sylvia Zucker, Viola
  • Matthijs Broersma, Violoncello

Read more about them HERE.

While I found no CD or DVD recording by Gémeaux of the music that I will hear, I want to share their performance that I located on YouTube, because I found their playing to be spirited and excellent:

Here is the Haydn Op. 20 number 3, first movement:



And now the fourth movement:



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