Bruckner’s Ninth

Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 9 in D Minor

  • Performed by the Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart des SWR, conducted by Roger Norrington

I am continuing my study of the symphonies of Austrian composer Anton Bruckner. In the past, I simply could not connect with Bruckner’s works. I found some of his music filled with too much repetition and other music was too focused on religious themes which were foreign to me. But… I am trying to get into the symphonies he wrote late in his life. After all, he lived during the time of Brahms and Mahler, and he likely knew both.

Roger Norrington has released a series of acclaimed Bruckner performances on CD. His fresh approach injects a healthy dose of “worldliness” into these works.

Gramophone wrote:

“Where Norrington is fearless is in Bruckner’s on-the-spot shifts of tempo or key.”

  • Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 9 in D minor, WAB 109 (original 1894 version)

Tracks on this CD are:

I. Feierlich, misterioso
II. Scherzo: Bewegt, lebhaft
III. Adagio: Langsam feierlich

Almost all recordings of this work offer the 1894 version of this symphony with only the first three movements, because Bruckner left only sketches for the finale.

The opening, marked Feierlich, misterioso (solemnly, mysterious) is indeed both solemn and mysterious. There is a sprightly Scherzo, which I enjoyed, and the Adagio brought the piece to a solemn close.

Here is Anton Bruckner’s Symphony No.9 in D minor; performed by Herbert von Karajan and the Vienna Philharmonic



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