Kissin Magic!

Evgeny Kissin at 40

Do you recall when Evgeny Kissin emerged into the music scene and set the world on fire? He was a young man from Russia, and the music world was astounded by his pianistic performance capabilities.

Well… he turned 40 in October, 2011! Yep… I am getting older…

What is so special is that this man *feels* the music, and we can witness as he recreates this feeling into sounds. So we can marvel at the technical aspects of his playing, but the subtle color changes, and the melodic flow, and the phrasing is absolutely unique.

Here is Mr. Kissin, playing to an adoring overflow audience at the Vienna Musikverein on March 27, 2012



And here we have Evgeny Kissin performing the Grieg Piano Concerto, with the Berlin Philharmonic, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle



And here is a 90-minute program of Kissin playing Schubert, Liszt, and Bach some years ago




I just love listening to Evgeny Kissin!


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