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Dvorak: Piano Quintet and Piano Quartet

On this CD, the Schubert Ensemble performs the Piano Quintet No. 2, which is one of Dvořák’s greatest and most popular chamber pieces. The composer took great pride in his country, in his people, their character and cultural heritage, all of which is evident in this work.


  • Piano Quintet in A major, Op. 81
  • Piano Quartet No. 2 in E flat, Op. 87
  • Songs My Mother Taught Me, Op. 55 No. 4

Performed by the Schubert Ensemble

Dvořák wrote his Piano Quartet No. 2 at the request of his publisher Simrock in Berlin, who had long recognized the sales potential of the composer’s music. He was not wrong; the work went on to become yet another of Dvořák’s most frequently played chamber works. Here,

Dvořák shows us both tranquil and stormy moods; the feeling of great joy present in the third movement pre-echoes the sunny disposition of his Symphony No. 8, which was to follow immediately after the Quartet.

The seven songs which make up the ‘Gypsy Songs’ were written in 1880 to texts by the Czech poet Adolf Heyduk. The fourth, ‘Songs My Mother Taught Me’, is the best known internationally of all Dvořák’s songs. The version heard here, for piano quartet, was arranged by the four core members of the Schubert Ensemble, and is a highly popular encore piece performed at many of its concerts.

This is really astounding and wonderfully enjoyable music!

Here is the Dvorak quintet performed by a different group:

And here is a video of the Dvorak piano quartet no.2 in E flat Op.87

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