Sviatoslav Richter DVD

Richter: L’Insoumis / The Enigma

  • A film by Bruno Monsaingeon

In the two years preceding his death on August 1st 1997, the Great Russian pianist Sviatoslav Richter agreed to a frank and open conversation about his life and career, which was conducted in the service of music, regardless of all conventions.

Complete with a great deal of archive footage and rare or unpublished music material, this is the story of a turbulent life and a turbulent era.

The film is entirely “narrated” by Sviatoslav Richter, and we get get to know him as both musician and pianist, particularly through his reading of extracts from his own “musician’s diary”.

There is also an interview with his wife, the singer Nina Dorliac.

Richter had a particularly painful family history, and an unconventional apprenticeship in Odessa. The Russian government did not allow him to perform in the West until 1961, and we get to hear Mr. Richter’s view of his American tour.

In my view, Mr. Richter was one of the 5 greatest pianists of all time. His playing of Schubert is particularly impressive for me, and Richter is able to communicates the great tragedy and sadness of Franz Schubert’s life.

Here is Sviatoslav Richter, talking in his Documentary – “The Enigma”


And now here’s Sviatoslav Richter playing Chopin, and being interviewed


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