Venice at Night

Venice by Night

Adrian Chandler and his group called “La Serenissima”, with virtuoso soloists soprano Mhairi Lawson, trumpeter Simon Munday and bassoonist Peter Whelan, transport you back to the old days of the Venetian Republic with music from grand opera, serenatas, concertos, sinfonias, and gondoliers’ ballads, including several world premiere recordings.
The specific selections are:


Sinfonia for strings in G minor
Sinfonia To “Il Nome Glorioso” For Solo Trumpet, Strings And Continuo
Simon Munday (trumpet)

anon.: Si la gondola avere
Arriving by Gondola (Anon. Ca. 1730)
Cara Nina el bon to sesto for soprano & guitar
Journey by Gondola (Anon. Ca. 1730)
Mhairi Lawson (soprano)
No stè a condanarme for soprano & continuo
Journey by Gondola (Anon. Ca.1730)
Mhairi Lawson (soprano)

Motet Alma ride exulta mortalis for soprano, strings & continuo
Mhairi Lawson (soprano)

Sinfonia to La Vendetta d’Amore for trumpet, strings & continuo
A Private Concert
Simon Munday (trumpet)

Porta, G:
Sinfonia for trumpet, strings & continuo in D
At the Opera House
Simon Munday (trumpet)

Fuga, o capriccio con quattro soggetti in d for strings & continuo in d
Music for Compline

Bassoon Concerto, RV 477 in C major
Peter Whelan (bassoon)
Concerto in E minor, RV 278
A Concert from the Ospedale della Pietà
Il fidarsi alla spene for soprano, strings & continuo, from L’Olimpiade, RV 725 (7’)
Arias for Marianino Nicolini

Performed by “La Serenissima”, conducted by Adrian Chandler

Adrian Chandler and ‘La Serenissima’ have all the hallmarks that have made these Vivaldi specialists one of the best-selling and acclaimed period-instrument bands performing today. Adrian’s crowd-pleasing performances combine to produce recordings that are at once popular and enlightening.

Gramophone Magazine, July 2012, wrote:

“This exploration of early-18th-century Venice functions cleverly on several levels. Time-travelling grand tourists are invited to spend an imaginary evening travelling around La Serenissima’s diverse musical attractions…and sensing some of the different types of public music the city has to offer…”

Here are the sights that may well have inspired some of the music on this CD:



And now more music of Venice at night…


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