Laptop Sheet Music

Laptop sheet music

  • Borromeo String Quartet

In music, as with the rest of life, much is changing. Just as the Berlin Philharmonic launched their excellent Digital Concert Hall, allowing music-lovers world – wide to hear live concerts in Berlin, change has also come to chamber music performance.

The days of hard copy music seem to be numbered. After all, it was in the old days of Beethoven and Brahms that compositions were printed on paper and then sold to performers. Now, the music is on a laptop computer, and instead of pencil markings, the use of special color fonts and various font sizes can be helpful to the performer.

See the images on the left side to learn more on how the Borromeo Quartet uses this new technology in their performances and concert preparations.

Here is more on the Borromeo quartet:




And next, the Borromeo String Quartet plays Beethoven’s quartet Op. 135, ‘Vivace’


Finally, here is Natalie Erlich performing with the Borromeo String Quartet as the winner of the 2005 Borromeo Guest Artist Award.


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