Julian Bream

Julian Bream:

  • Italian and Spanish Guitar Music

Yesterday I enjoyed listening to music performed by guitarist Julian Bream. Mr. Bream was born in London in 1933, so he’s almost 80 years old. He has performed a huge repertoire of music that ranges from the Baroque composers, to the works of Italian, Spanish, and contemporary composers.

Here’s just a tiny sample of Julian Bream’s music from my Spotify playlist titled “Hank’s Julian Bream-Guitar”.



On this CD, Julian Bream performs the guitar music of Italy and Spain. Composers include Frescobaldi, Scarlatti, Cimarosa, Rodgrigo, Albeniz and Sor.

All are performed by Julian Bream (guitar)

Above all, I find that Julian Bream always provides a highly musical interpretation, with a commitment to tasteful and accurate performances.

Here is Mr. Bream in the Etude #11 by Villa Lobos:



And next, here is a very interesting MASTERCLASS by JULIAN BREAM on the VILLA – LOBOS PRELUDE NO.1



Finally I have for you Julian Bream in J.S Bach’s Violin Sonata fugue, as arranged for guitar:



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