Cremona Violins

The Violins of Cremona

When I heard about this DVD, I had to have it. I had to listen to it. Why, you ask?

Any passionate violinist knows that he city of Cremona, Italy, is the cradle of many of the historic great violin shops that have created the likes of Stradivari violins, as well as other amazing string instruments.

In this documentary, Italian violinist Salvatore Accardo is joined by Andrea Mosconi, President of the Stradivari Museum, and by violin makers Francesco Bissolotti and Bruce Carlson in a fascinating journey of this Cremona-based craftsmanship.

While I had a lot of expectations, I must say that this recording disappointed me. Yes, the viewer sees some sights of this historic city. And yes, we follow visits to several museum sites. However, there is very little music to hear!

Occasionally Mr. Accardo tries out an instrument, but he limits the sounds to a few scales or the beginning of the Brahms Violin Concerto. There is lots of talking (with English subtitles), but I expected a lot more.

If you would like to learn more, click HERE for some samples of the craftsmanship of violin maker, Amati.

I’m going to do better in this post, by at least including some music videos for your enjoyment, even though I am recommending that you do not purchase this DVD, for the reasons stated.

Here is a video about the city of Cremona, Italy:



Here is Salvatore Accardo playing “La Campanella” by Paganini:



And here is Mr. Accardo in Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”



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