Egarr’s Bach

Bach, J S:

  • English Suites Nos. 1-6, BWV806-811

I heard Richard Egarr perform the music of Bach at a concert at Stanford University last year. And I liked his interpretation a lot; It was also meaningful to have Mr. Egarr spend a few minutes to comment on Bach’s music, before the performance began.

Each Suite is headed by a Prelude of significant length, followed by several wonderfully varied dance movements, all perfectly suited to showcase the brilliance of Richard Egarr’s harpsichord skill.

Mr. Egarr wrote the following about these pieces:

“This is a true cycle of pieces – one of Bach’s first and certainly one of his best. The care with which Bach has planned their path, and the skill in creating a musical journey to a most fearful place is astonishing…. I recorded the Suites in order. I certainly felt that it helped me make the musical path clearer. My trusty Katzman harpsichord was a glorious partner…”

Watch now, as the Academy of Ancient Music rehearses the JS Bach’s D minor harpsichord concerto with Richard Egarr, for approaching performances in Madrid and London.



Watch the Academy of Ancient Music and their director, Richard Egarr, discuss their upcoming recording of Bach’s complete Brandenburg Concertos. Egarr offers insight into the history and inspiration behind these great compositions, and explains what will make this particular recording different from all others.



Here is more of the music of JS Bach: His cantatas, featuring the Academy of Ancient Music and Choir of the AAM, directed by Richard Egarr.



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