Great Performer

Another Great Performer:

  • Violinist Julia Fischer

A couple of days ago I watched Julia Fischer perform with a small chamber group. They were playing the music of Vivaldi. Often I react to this music negatively because it is so over-played. But I enjoyed Ms. Fischer’s interpretation very much. I found her music to be warm, sensitive, and polished; and her technique was immaculate.

The scene of the performance was outdoors, and it was recorded on a beautiful summer day.

A few years ago I heard Ms. Fischer perform at the Aspen Music Festival in Colorado; I was also able to chat with her briefly as we both waited for the start of a chamber music concert where we were both listeners. She was very cordial, warm, and personable. She was willing to talk actively about many topics. One of the things that I learned is that she is also a terrific pianist.

Here is that summer concerto by Vivaldi, as played very beautifully by Ms. Fischer:



And here is a video of Julia Fischer, playing the Vivaldi “Four Seasons – Winter”



Finally, here is Julia Fischer performing Mendelssohn’s Violin concerto



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