Simone Dinnerstein

Simone Dinnerstein and Tift Merritt:

  • Night

1. Only in Songs
2. Night and Dreams
3. Don’t Explain
4. Dido’s Lament
5. I Shall Weep at Night
6. Wayfaring Stranger
7. Prelude in B Minor
8. Still Not Home
9. I Will Give My Love an Apple
10. Colors
11. The Cohen Variations
12. Night
13. Feel of the World
14. I Can See Clearly Now

Performed by Simone Dinnerstein (piano), and Tift Merritt (vocals)

Pianist Simone Dinnerstein and singer-songwriter Tift Merritt join forces for the first time in ‘Night’, a unique collaboration merging classical, folk, and rock worlds, exploring common terrain and uncovering new musical landscape. Features songs written by Brad Mehldau, Patty Griffin & Tift Merritt herself.

“Night” is a remarkable achievement from a most unlikely pair of friends, Julliard-trained classical pianist Simone Dinnerstein and country singer-songwriter Tift Merritt. It is an album replete with songs of “solemn intimacy”, to quote a National Public Radio commentator, which invite the listener to listen further, as though these were performed live in the sanctuary of the listener’s own room; a musical dialogue between two close friends whose musical roots stretch from American bluegrass, folk and country music (Merritt) to folk and classical music (Dinnerstein).

Opening with a song composed and sung by singer Tift Merritt on guitar, a lament about the meaning of songs (“Only in Songs”), with Simone Dinnerstein joining towards the end, “Night” segues almost instantaneously into a Schubert lied (“Night and Dreams”) sung in English by Merritt, with a brief interlude by her on harmonica that is an unorthodox, yet surprisingly appropriate, addition, with Dinnerstein a most sympathetic accompanist.

Here are Tift Merritt  and Simone Dinnerstein “Only In Songs/Night and Dreams”



Here are both artists, explaining more about their album, “Night”:



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