Tango Finesse

I love to watch a good-looking couple do the Tango! It’s so sexy, attractive, as well as musical, and lots of fun. I wish I had learned how to Tango many years ago—

In this recording, we get the following terrific selections:

1. Escolasu (arr. L. Moraru)
2. Calambre – Franacapa (arr. L. Moraru)
3. Lo que vendra (arr. L. Moraru)
4. Tango Suite: Tango No. 1 (arr. L. Moraru)
5. Jalousie (Jealousy) (arr. L. Moraru)
6. Tango Suite: Tango No. 3 (arr. L. Moraru)
7. Oblivion (arr. L. Moraru)
8. Tango choc – Plus ultra (arr. L. Moraru)
9. Oda para un hippie (arr. L. Moraru)
10. Buenos aires hora cero (arr. L. Moraru)
11. Michelangelo 70 (arr. L. Moraru)

The performers are called the “Traffic Strings”:

Here are the Traffic Strings in “Tango Apasionado”:



And next, here are the Traffic Strings in “Gala Tango”: (Watch patiently!)



Finally, here’s the same group, playing the “Primavera portena” by Astor Piazzola. This is really great fun!


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