Bossa Nova

Bossa Moods

Today’s post is something a bit lighter. We don’t have to have Bach, Mahler, and Mozart for a daily diet! There’s so much more in music that is wonderful.

I personally have favorites in the Jazz area, I also love Tango music, and Bossa Nova music from Brazil always gets my attention.


On this CD, we get to hear the following: Artists and Performers:

1. Cuban Moods Pico Pico

2. Rumba Love Cuban Heals

3. Move Your Body Latin Groove

4. Fire Water Earth Roberto Fiol

5. Bilongo Benny Gonzalez

6. Paradise Blue Zapata

7. Late Night Party Oscar Ahora

8. Latin Way Nerga Beats

9. Chocolate El Son

And much more…

Here’s an old video:

Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz: “The Girl From Ipanema” 1964 (I told you it was old—)  


And next, here is the Full Album/LP! Bossa Nova – New Brazilian Jazz – Lalo Schifrin – 1962:  


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