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This CD features the impressive interpretive capabilities of the Russian pianist Alexei Volodin. It features a wide ranging selection of pieces by  Sergei Rachmaninov, including the “Variations on a theme of Corelli”, 5 of his Preludes, the 2nd Sonata (second version), and four of his Etudes-Tableaux.

The selections are as follows:


  • Variations on a theme of Corelli, Op. 42
  • Prelude Op. 23 No. 4 in D major
  • Prelude Op. 23 No. 5 in G minor
  • Prelude Op. 32 No. 12 in G sharp minor
  • Prelude Op. 32 No. 10 in B minor
  • Prelude Op. 3 No. 2 in C sharp minor
  • Piano Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor, Op. 36, 2nd version
  • Étude-Tableau, Op. 33 No. 3 in C minor
  • Étude-Tableau, Op. 39 No. 1 in C minor
  • Étude-Tableau, Op. 39 No. 3 in F sharp minor
  • Étude-Tableau, Op. 39 No. 5 in E flat minor

Performed by Alexei Volodin (piano)

Alexei Volodin was born in St. Petersburg in 1977, and began taking piano lessons there at the age of nine. A year later he moved to Moscow, and in 1994 he enrolled at the Moscow Conservatoire. During 2001 and 2002 he studied at the Theo Lieven International Piano Foundation in Como. He has won several prizes at different international competitions, including First Prize at the Concours Géza Anda in Zurich in 2003.

Here is Alexei Volodin performing the 24 Preludes OP. 28 by Chopin:


And next, we hear him play the wonderful Rachmaninov Prelude, Op. 32, number 12:




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