The Gift of Music.

Yesterday I watched a great film about one of my favorite pianists, Russian-born Evgeny Kissin.

Naturally, this DVD was filled with great performances of the music of Beethoven, Haydn, Franz Schubert, Frederick Chopin, Franz Liszt, and more. What was also so interesting was to be able to get first-hand accounts of the early life of Evgeny Kissin, in his own words.

It turns out that he showed the world amazing connection with music from before he was one year old. He would listen quietly for hours as his older sister practiced her piano pieces. When she was done, he would sing sections of the music that she had practices earlier. Later, once Evgeny was big enough so his hands could reach the keyboard, he would compose music on his own.

The DVD contains interviews, as well as a live performance in London’s Royal Albert Hall that was attended by more than 5000 people.

The only negative, if one might express that, is that the film does not allow the audience to hear complete pieces. The extracts we do hear are spectacular. Evgeny Kissin is an amazing musician with technical and interpretive skills beyond many of today’s performers.

Here is Evgeny Kissin playing the “Grand Valse” by Chopin:



And next, here he is in Paganini/Liszt’s “La Campanella”


Finally, here’s a selection that was not included in the London Concert:

Evgeny Kissin plays the Bach “Siciliana”


Marvelous, spiritual music!

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