Cecilia Quartet Plays Mendelssohn

Felix Mendelssohn’s two quarters Op. 44 are beautifully performed on this CD.

The members of the Cecilia Quartet create excitement, tenderness, and contemplation in this recording. They produce an excellent balance between the composer’s extroverted qualities and his more tender side, resulting in readings that are energetic and finely detailed.


Here re the track titles:
Felix Mendelssohn: String Quartet in D Major, Op. 44, No. 1

I. Molto allegro vivace
II. Menuetto. Un poco allegretto
III. Andante espressivo ma con moto
IV. Presto con brio

Felix Mendelssohn: String Quartet in E Minor, Op. 44, No. 2

I. Allegro assai appassionato
II. Scherzo. Allegro di molto
III. Andante
IV. Presto agitato

Just listen to this excellent interpretation of a section from the first quartet:




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