Tasmin Plays Beethoven

For me, there is always so much to enjoy and lots to learn from listening to the sonatas for piano and violin by Beethoven.

On this recording we get to listen to interpretations by:

Tasmin Little (violin) and Martin Roscoe (piano)


Beethoven wrote ten sonatas for piano and violin, and seems not to have entertained ideas for other works in this genre. All but one may be regarded as early works: only Op. 96, in G major, which was composed almost a decade after the last of the other nine, does not fall into this category.

As a group, these violin sonatas do not offer a view of Beethoven’s stylistic development such as we find in the string quartets, piano sonatas, symphonies, and even cello sonatas. But each work is a masterpiece in its own right for both the pianist and violinist who are equal-ranking participants in the music making.

Here are the two players with a brief trailer of this new CD:


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