Life of a Musician: Tabea Zimmermann

When I began to write this post, I had intended to share with you the music of French composer Hector Berlioz, as performed by my favorite  violist, Tabea Zimmermann.

After completing my text portion, I began to search for a suitable video, and I wanted it to show you WHY I consider Ms. Zimmermann to be a world-class musician.

Tabea Zimmermann, Viola

Suddenly I came across a video I had not seen before. This video is unique, because it present this musician as a human being, a mother, a wife, a musical collaborator, a chamber music artist, and a totally amazing personality.

This video is in three languages: To my total surprise, a section of  it shows Ms. Zimmermann speaking excellent Hebrew (with translation subtitles). Other parts are in English, and yet other sections are in German (with English subtitles).

For me, watching this video was a totally astounding experience. I recommend that you find an uninterrupted 30 minutes and allow yourself the inspiration to experience the life of a musician whom I greatly admire.

Tabea Zimmermann is a long term favorite of mine, because her playing is passionate, warm, highly musical and done with totally amazing phrasing. Experience her life in her own words in the video that follows:

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