The Sounds of James Ehnes

From the time when I first heard the artistry of violinist James Ehnes, I have been impressed with his sensitive interpretations and his ability to produce an amazing sound quality. Now here comes a creative collection of violin and piano sonatas that is sure to please…


  • Violin Sonata


  • Violin Sonata in E minor, Op. 82


  • Violin Sonata in B minor


  • Berceuse from Pensees lyriques, Op. 40, No. 5

All performed by. James Ehnes (violin), and Andrew Armstrong (piano)


The three violin sonatas were all composed around the years of World War I. The Sibelius ‘Berceuse’ also dates from the war years when Finland was isolated from the rest of Europe.

Debussy would die in 1918 and had, like Elgar, composed very little during the War.

Elgar told a friend ‘I cannot do any real work with the awful shadow hanging over us’ he said.

Respighi’s sonata has a Brahmsian character, and is seemingly not expressing any War-related aspects.

Here is James Ehnes, rehearsing the Elgar violin Concerto:

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