July 5: Tango in Berlin

I love the Tango! I enjoy the Tango music, as well as the dance movements, and the sexy dress. I am still looking for a woman who lives in my area (around San Francisco), who can teach me these great movements.

Meanwhile, I have a Tango event for you in Berlin, Germany:




THURSDAY, JULY 07 2016, 20:00


Schloss Charlottenburg, Orangerie, Berlin


Piazzolla, Astor

  • The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires

Piazzolla, Astor

  • Selected Works

Albéniz, Isaac

  • Suite Española

Albéniz, Isaac

  • Tango op. 165

Gardel, Carlos

  • Por una cabeza

Piazzolla, Astor

  • Adios Nonino

Piazzolla, Astor

  • Oblivion

Piazzolla, Astor

  • Libertango

Spend an evening with the rhythms of Astor Piazzolla’s Tango Nuevo at Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin.

Astor Piazzolla reinvented Argentinian Tango, using influences from jazz, classical, and opera, to create a new genre of his own. The Berliner Residenz Orchester performs Piazzolla’s music in this krhythmic and soulful concert at Charlottenburg Palace.


Berlin Residence Orchestra (Ensemble)

The musicians of the Berlin Residence Orchestra interpret works of the Classical and Baroque repertoire with a Dedication to historical performance practice. Frequently appearing in period costumes, the ensemble presents musical highlights with a taste of authentic style and sound, inviting the audience on a musical voyage to past eras.

Here is a sample for you:

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