Signs, Games, and Messages

This is a creative and thoughtful collection of works for solo, unaccompanied violin.

Solo Violin Works by Bartók and Kurtág are featured on this CD.



  • Sonata for Solo Violin, BB 124, Sz. 117


  • Signs, Games and Messages, for strings

Performed by Simon Smith (violin)

British violinist and teacher Simon Smith makes us take notice with an extraordinary disc of intensely virtuosic works for unaccompanied violin by two Hungarian composers – the late Sonata for Solo Violin by Belá Bartók and “Signs, Games & Messages” by living composer György Kurtág, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday.

The idiomatic and skilful writing for solo violin by both of these composers shows the immense range possible on this instrument, taking the performer to the edge of what’s possible.

Often lyrical and expressive, often dramatic with its folk influences, Simon Smith tackles this repertoire with great dedication and excellence.

Here are some extracts from the work by Kurtág:

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