Kirill Gerstein Plays Liszt

I am most familiar with the performances of Kirill Gerstein as a participant in chamber music, or as accompanist of violinists and violists. In this recording he appears solo, in works by Franz Liszt.

Liszt: Transcendental Studies, S139 Nos. 1-12, performed by Kirill Gerstein (piano)


Kirill Gerstein has rapidly risen to classical music’s highest ranks. With a masterful technique, discerning intelligence, and a musical curiosity that has led him to explore repertoire spanning centuries and styles, he has proven to be one of today’s most intriguing and versatile musicians. His early training and experience in jazz has contributed an important element to his interpretive style, inspiring an energetic and expressive musical personality that distinguishes his playing.

The Sunday times wrote earlier this month that:

“Gerstein, a superb interpreter, seeks and convincingly finds the work’s grand unity — his thoughts on the matter are revealed in the lucid booklet interview, but, more important, in the ever-sensitive playing itself…the unfolding is gripping, intricately fascinating and uniquely poetic.”

Here is Mr. Gerstein in the music of Liszt:

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