More Music by Federico Mompou

I originally became acquainted with the music of Federico Mompou during my time as a radio music host on KUSP in California.

Recently I came across this new recording of more of Mompu’s music, so I am sharing it with you today. The title of this CD’s is Fêtes Lointaines, and it contains the following:




Trois Variations

Cants Mágics


Fetes Lointaines


All performed by Steffen Schleiermacher (piano)

After “Música Callada” Steffen Schleiermacher is now presenting Fêtes lointaines, his second release featuring one-of-a-kind piano compositions by Federico Mompou. Along with the title cycle, this CD includes other miniatures from the period between 1914 and 1921.

The titles of the short cycles very much refer to the real world. “Suburbis” depicts street scenes in Barcelona, a guitarist endeavors to get a waltz going, gypsies form the topic of conversation, suddenly an old gray mare appears, and then a beggar concludes the series with hurdy-gurdy distress signals.

The festivities in Fêtes lointaines, hints, mere impressions, are heard in the distance – which is why the instructions at the end read: “To be played like an echo.”

Mompou resembles Erik Satie, whom he had the opportunity to meet in Paris and learned to respect. The “Manfred Bürki” Steinway D grand piano presents its very transparent color in contact with Steffen Schleiermacher’s sensitive fingertips.


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