Bernstein for Clarinet and Piano

I frequently bring you symphonic music, chamber music, or instrumental music that favors strings or piano. Yet… I love the wind instruments. As an example,,I am nuts about the serenade for wind instruments by Mozart, and there is one by Haydn, as well.

Time for a change, as I bring you today music for clarinet and piano:


The performer is Bettina Aust, Clarinet, and she plays the following:

Clarinet Sonata

Clarinet Sonata No. 1 in F minor, Op. 120 No. 1

Burgmüller, N:
Duo for Clarinet & Piano, Op. 15

Tema con variazioni for clarinet & piano

Widmann, J:

Played by Bettina Aust (clarinet), and Robert Aust (piano)

Listening to Bettina Aust’s Playing, I like the depth and thoughtfulness of her performance. On this CD, Bettina Aust teams up with her brother in an excellent duet, sounding out the full potential of both instruments in every moment – simply delightful!

Here is music from Bettina Aust’s debut CD:


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