Bernstein, with the Neave Trio

I am just beginning to get acquainted with the Neave Trio. From the tiny bit of research I have done, I read that their violinist Anna Williams studied at the Manhattan School of Music, which is also where I studied violin many years ago.

On their new CD, the Trio performs an early work by Leonard Bernstein, his Trio Op. 2


Listen to a sample:

Most composers were inspired by their predecessors. And I recall a talk by Bernstein in which he recalled that Aaron Copland encouraged him to be more original. Copland said to Bernstein about his music: “This section is warmed over Scriabin. This one is like Mahler. But these two bars are pure Lenny. Write more like that…”

I hear some Prokofiev coming through Bernstein’s Opus 2. I still enjoy this piece a lot…

i hope that you will enjoy it, too.

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