Illana’s CD launch!

This is one great recording! There is something in it for so many of you…

Let me get something out of the way: I am the proud father of the lead singer. However, I am also a musician, and I feel that I can be fair and objective in my review of this recording.

For me there are several amazing aspects to this recording:

1. There is a great DIVERSITY of music here, ranging from selections from musical theater, to a French-style Chanson, to an arrangement of a Jewish prayer (Hashkiveinu).

2. This is an achievement by a group of folks: Pianist, percussion, guitar, male singers, the lead soprano, and more.

3. Illana Zauderer was trained at the Music Department of Stanford University. She also studied and performed in NY City for 5 years, and for the past several years she continued her studies in California.

4. What stands out for me is Illana’s velvety voice quality, and her ability to match her expressiveness to the variety of texts in her selections. Here are the song titles:

One song from this CD has already won an award on KGO Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area. My sense is that it is headed for many additional accolades.

This is all beautiful music. My own personal favorites are:

Track 4: “…Blues”

Track 8: “Hashkiveinu”


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