Dvorak Cello Concerto by Marc Coppey

Dvorak’s Cello Concerto, and Shelomo by Ernst Bloch

Bloch, E:

  • Schelomo


  • Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. 104
  • Waldesruhe (Silent woods) for cello and orchestra, Op. 68 No. 5

All performed by Mark Coppey (cello), with the  Symphonie Orchester Berlin, Kirill Karabits conducting.

In his work, “Schelomo”, composer Ernst Bloch examines his cultural and religious roots; in his cello concerto, Dvořák illustrates both his old and his new native countries, whilst the forest scene Klid represents a bridge and also an atmospheric reminiscence.

Having spent nearly two decades playing solo recitals and chamber music, as well as performing alongside renowned orchestras, Marc Coppey turns to three classics of the cello repertoire:

Bloch’s Schelomo was written immediately before his crossing to America; Dvořák composed his B minor Cello Concerto only once he had arrived there. Klid (Silent Woods) sits in between: before departing for America, Dvořák arranged this work, originally for piano duet, for cello and piano, to be played during his farewell tour. In this format, the piece became so popular that he went on to produce an additional version for cello and orchestra.

Antonín Dvořák and Ernest Bloch provide clear performing instructions, but also demand a high degree of free interpretation. Marc Coppey manages to realize both of these aspects, maintaining a convincing balance and communicating intensively with the orchestra.

Here is Marc Coppey, performing the Dvorak Concerto for Cello:

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