More Mozart from Alina Ibragimova

I want to share with you today that Volume 4 in the series of violin and piano sonatas by Mozart is now published. The artists are Cedric Tiberghien, piano and Alina Ibragimova, Violin. And wonderful music it is, indeed. The selections combine early works withnat least one later work, the K378. We get to listen to the following:


Violin Sonata No. 26 in B flat major, K378
Violin Sonata No. 11 in Eb major, KV26
Violin Sonata No. 13 in C, K28
Violin Sonata No. 8 in F major, K13
Violin Sonata No. 20 in C major, K303
Six Variations in G minor on ‘Hélas, j’ai perdu mon amant’, K360
Violin Sonata No. 3 in B flat major, K8
Violin Sonata No. 25 in F major, K377
Violin Sonata No. 30 in C major, K403 arr. Maximilian Stadler

All performed by Alina Ibragimova (violin), Cédric Tiberghien (piano)

This is a series which continues to redefine the standards by which these works should be performed. As before, the music spans most of Mozart’s life, from 1763—when he was just seven years old—to 1782, and (another) unfinished present written for his new wife Constanze.

Gramophone Magazing wrote:

“Performers and engineers alike have made sure that the one instrument doesn’t swamp or outshine the other, and that neither is unduly spotlit. It all sounds and feels utterly natural…The whole enterprise is near-impossible to fault. Six sonatas left now to complete the cycle, a set that will surely become the modern reference recording.”

Here are highlights from this recording:

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